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Confederate Flag Controversy

Confederate Flag Controversy- is it a symbol of racism?

There is something that disturbs me always, something by the name called racism.

I came across the harsh and brutal realities of this nasty aspect of humanity when I was in school and also came to know that even the United States of America was not spared by this demon. Over years I learned a lot about the topic and my teachers assisted me a lot.

One day while going through the pages of the history book, I came across the topic of American Civil War and to my utter surprise; I found the clutches of racism even there. I was disturbed by this new piece of information and wanted to know more about the topic. Unfortunately the school was off for the summer vacations and I had no other choice but to do a research by myself.

The results were even worse and things got even more complicated. In my attempt to know more, I came across the Confederate Flag Controversy and several questions flooded my mind. I made a note of them so that I could ask them when the school started again.

Fortunately, I did not have to wait for long. One day suddenly, I came across my history teacher and asked a couple of questions. She was happy to answer my questions and asked me to visit her place so that she could properly answer my questions. I did so. She took great care to answer my questions that I noted down.

As our discussion continued, we reached the topic of Confederate Flag Controversy. It was much more interesting than I expected it to be. She informed me that the Confederate States of America were the states, which seceded from United States and were constituted of the southern states. These states used the Confederate Flag as their symbol.

Even though the Confederate States of America were defeated during the Civil War, there are still many people who wave and use the Confederate Flag even today. The logic they use is that the flag symbolizes the esteem and the proud history of the south. She explained to me that the controversy is not about whether the flag was the official and valid flag of the Confederacy but the controversy revolved around the following question:"Is it a right thing to do for a State Office to fly and wave a flag, which supports the suppression of the blacks?"

She explained to me that the flag has an obvious controversy attached to it but the Confederate flag represents much more than what we generally think. It is true that the opponents of the flag will look into the flag as a symbol of racism as sadly enough the South was one among the last bastions, which supported slavery and racism. However, on the other hand, the Confederate flag represents the glorious fight of the states for winning their freedom.

It symbolized a fight of the States for their rights so that they can pass laws on their own without any kind of intervention from the central government. The controversy still lingers in the field of medical marijuana. However, the other issues of taxation and individual freedoms have been curbed.

The Confederate Flag Controversy has a lot to say, much more than we have actually learned. The great history of the past, which is tarnished by the misconceptions we held within us is worth learning.

The controversy has been much more aggravated by the neo-hate groups. The truth is simple and straight forward- the Confederate flag with its great history is to be enjoyed irrespective of the form it takes!

Flags of the Confederacy / Confederate Flag History

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