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Free Flags Pictures

Pay respect to your country by using the free flags pictures

It is the story not of any remote past but of the recent times. I was returning home after a tiring day in office.

I suddenly noticed a young boy staring at the flag of our country and murmuring something to himself. I could not understand and walked up to him. I asked him about what he was doing. He replied that his father was in army and was in the war front for several months but never returned.

However, the news of his death did come back and he only 4 years old then. He said that his father gave his life for the pride of America and if needed, he will also do the same. He also mentioned that his only family member was his mother. The next thing he said was even more shocking.

He had an elder brother who was also in the army and one fine morning, this little boy and his mother received the coffin of his brother and he was the third one willing to join the army and his mother supported him. I was moved by the story and I could not say a word. He asked me to salute the flag and I did as he told.

I returned home and with a heavy heart, I kept on thinking about the boy and his mother. I saw several war movies but this was my first encounter with the shocking reality of the war. Till late night I sat in front of the computer and learned several things about the deadly wars.

I learned a lot about the various countries and the meaning hidden in the colors used in each of them. The information that I gathered was absolutely new for me as I never bothered to learn them. I felt sorry because I was late in learning things, which I should have learned years ago.

I decided to build up a website, which would offer various free flags pictures and allow the users to download them and use them for various purposes. I also decided to include not only the American flag but also the free flags picture of various nations of the world and educate everyone about the importance of the flags.

Next day, when I was returning back from my office, I noticed the same little boy standing in the same place and speaking to himself. I walked up to him and found that it was the death anniversary of his brother and the previous day was the death anniversary of his father. He also said that he was not speaking to himself but was taking an oath in front of the nation’s pride that he will do everything to defend the pride and the glory of the country.

Tears rolled out of my eyes! Noticing that, he said that one must not cry but promise to himself that he will defend the pride of his country at any cost and by any possible means. I returned home and took the same oath that the little boy took. He taught be a big lesson in my life. My willingness to build up the site became stronger and the results were in front of me in a week!

Millions like me are not in the army and are not able to serve the nation directly. But, you can still pay tribute to the nation.

Browse our site and download the free flags pictures and use them wisely. You can find various flag pictures, which include the waving flag pictures and animated flag pictures. Use them and love them… directly or indirectly, you will love your country!

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