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What Do Flags Symbolize

The day when I learned what do flags symbolize

I was first introduced to the flags when I was in class 3.

I really did not remember anything because I was very young then. My mother however remembered and she told me about it and it was because of that I remember of being introduced to flags. The first time properly learned about the flags and learned or rather discovered what do flags symbolize was then when I was in class 6.

I learned because I had a good thrashing from my dad. It was the first time that my mother did not come for my defense. Perhaps she did the right thing.

Well, it was because of a TV program that I learned about the flags. Though the hard way, I learned and gained knowledge about what do flags symbolize and the incident made all the difference. Dad explained to me that the flag of a nation is no doubt a piece of colorful cloth but it signifies the pride and the esteem of the country.

It symbolizes freedom and is a symbolic of the nationís ability to feed the countrymen and the ability to protect them against all odds and crisis. He also said that a flag evokes a feeling of patriotism in people and disrespecting a flag irrespective of the country it belongs to is actually disrespecting the country and its citizens.

He said that the flag symbolizes the sacrifice of men and women who gave up everything including their lives to earn the freedom that they deserve.

He rather asked me as to how would I feel I was not given the freedom to play to be myself. That question was enough to make me feel the essence of a flag. I learned that I need not only respect the national flag but also I need to respect the flags of other nations and respect their emotion!

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