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Flag Poles

Where to Find Flag Poles for Sale at Discount Prices

More and more frequently we are seeing poles in the front yard of our neighbors’ homes. The same thing seems to occur in front of many commercial sites, office buildings and even construction projects.

The poles attached to the side of a private home or small commercial building is called an outrigger pole. These poles are relatively short, usually four to five feet.

Vertical flag poles can be as tall as eighty feet. Indoor and parade flag poles can be anywhere from 6 ft x 1 ft to 9 ft x 1 ¾ ft.

A web search for flag poles will produces dozens of companies that can fill your needs for a flag pole.

Flag poles are made using a variety of materials, such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood. The material you choose will obviously influence the cost of the flag pole that you decide to use. Check with your neighborhood association as to whether or not it is OK to display a flag in your yard or on the house. There have been lawsuits where people have sued these organizations for the right to fly the U.S. flag in their own yards.

Many Americans have outrigger flag poles mounted on their housed, garages or porch. If you are unsure as to how and when to display your flag you can go on line and do a web search for flag etiquette. Often a pamphlet detailing the proper way to display the U.S. flag is included with your flag pole.

Some people use their flag poles to display religious flags, holiday banners, flags of their country of origin, flags of their home states or one that represents a cause such as the popular P.O.W. flag.

If you are looking for a vertical in ground flag pole go on line and check for poles that are within your price range. Check out Americanflags.com.

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