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Olympic Flag

Olympic Flag - A meaning to be learned by everyone.

I remember that when I was a child, I had a very deep interest in sports and I decided to become a sportsman.

This idea was not at all supported by my mother but my father who was military personnel was in full support of mine. He used to tell me stories about different sportsmen and their achievements. This marked the beginning of my journey.

He used to speak about different games being played all over the world. My special interest was in Olympic Games and I used to ask a lot of questions about the same. He educated me about Olympic and also told me about the flag and the evolution of the flag. It was interesting. I asked about the meaning of the mascot and the symbols used in the flag.

Speaking about the Olympic Flag, he said that the current flag was designed back in 1912 and the symbol stood for faith, passion, victory, sportsmanship and work ethic. The symbol constituted of five rings interlocked with each other. The rings are of five different colors and the colors include: blue, red, yellow, green and black. These rings are placed on a white field of the flag.

My dad also explained that the five intertwined rings of the Olympic flag symbolizes the five inhabited continents of t he world, which are united by Olympism. The five continents are Oceania, Africa, Asia, Europe and Americas. The six colors used in the flag are the colors, which are used in the national flags of the world in today’s date.

This was a great piece of knowledge for me. I was really surprised to think that the person who designed the flag had a great vision and thinking. A query naturally came to my mind and I asked the name of the person who designed the flag.

It seemed that my dad was actually waiting for me to ask the question and when I did, I noticed brightness in his eyes and I could make out that he was happy that I asked the question to him. He answered the question with a smile and said that the flag was designed by the French pedagogue and historian called Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. My father also informed me that Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin was the founder of International Olympic Committee.

The information did not end there! I was surprised to find that in spite of being in military, my father has tremendous knowledge about sports and specifically the Olympic.

I asked the same question to him and came to know that when he was in school, he used to participate in sports and other physical activities and had a keen interest in games just like me. As our question and answer session moved ahead, he said that there are various other flags related to Olympic. He mentioned about the specific Olympic Flags, which are displayed by the cities, which host the next Olympic.

It is a tradition of the Olympic Games to hand over the flag from the mayor of one city to the mayor of the other city at the end of the Olympic Games. Yet another history that was revealed by my dad was the Olympic flame. These were all great information that was revealed by my father.

Over time I learned a lot more about the Olympic Games and flags and the symbols used in the flags. With full support from my father, I built up a career in sports and thanks to him, he never discouraged me.

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